Hey, I'm

A Little About Myself

Who I Am:

Hi, I'm George. I am a 21 year old Computer Science undergraduate who has just completed their year (15 months actually) in industry at IBM.
You can read more about that first line below. On a more personal note I love creating things. Whether It's art, websites, high performance back-ends for software or solutions to maths problems, I find something amazingly compelling about overcoming tricky problems, and I use that end goal to drive me with most things I do.

Where I've come from:

Originally from a small village in West Sussex, I moved house at the age of 10 to Tunbridge Wells in Kent where I studied at TWGSB for both GCSEs and A-Levels. My GCSEs were nothing special, but my Product Design course was my first taste of being able to study Japanese design... something I enjoyed some much that I ended up doing it for the next to years of A-Levels too.
Following the recipt of my results I then began the undergraduate degree here at the University of York, UK. I make sure to do as much as I can while studying here, including being on college committees, society committees, co-founding societies, helping run freshers week, touring the university to prospective students and, of course, studying hard.

My Future Plans:

At the time of writing this I have one more year left of my undergraduate degree, after which I intend to take a masters at the University of Leeds, UK. Their course on high performance graphics engineering suits me down to the ground, and after visiting them earlier this year, I am confident that the course will not only be the right stepping stone for me before a career in the same feild, but also that it will really push my maths and high performance development skills.

My Experiences So Far

Software Engineer Placement Year
July 2018 - July 2019

I Spent my year in industry as a software engineering intern at the IBM York Lab working on the company's TM1 offering with the role of Core Server Developer. I worked in C++ and CMake primarily and also gained experience in automating Jenkins CI.

Computer Science w/ Year in Industry
September 2016 - June 2020

I have been at York since 2016 and university and the course has given me more back than I could ever have expected. Knowledge, experience, friends and lots of great memories!

Sole Developer at Ukiyo-emap.com
January 2019 -

I've loved ukiyo-e (浮世絵) for many years now, and although there are some good recourses online for discovering the art, I was extremely suprised that there wasn't a map of it all!! So I took the job on myself and have been updating the site since, serving tens of thousands of people as I do. Check it out here!
I have plans to add to the site as often as I can, however the most time consuming and difficult part of the site is finding enough information on a complete set of prints. In the future I hope to visit more exhibitions, collections, and speak to more experts on the subject to help develop this website to be as great as I believe it should be.

How I Spend My Spare Time





🚧 Books. A section devoted to short comments on books I'm reading or have read.

🚧 Aikido. An area to further expand on my aikido career, where I'm training, any blog posts, etc.

❌ Games. Similar to the books section... except with games I play/have played.

❌ Japanese. I spend quite a lot of my time around Japanese design, music, and culture. A place to document that.

❌ Anything else. Sometimes I may want to write about something which doesn't quite fit in with the other stuff.